I recently hosted a live Q&A session with Dutch jazz promoter Pieter Schoonderwoerd, who’s a lecturer in entrepreneurship for jazz musicians (what a great job title!) and programmer at Jazz Maastricht which presents more than 25 concerts a year.

The full live event was for members of my¬†How To Get More Jazz Gigs Course, but I wanted to share this short clip where he talks about the 2 most important things to cover in a pitching emails to a jazz club or festival promoter…

…and a 2nd bonus clip where he talks about how and when you should follow up with promoters who don’t reply to your 1st (or 4th!) email. Note the comment about how keeping in touch with promoters in the right way might lead to a gig in 2-3 years time… we need to play the long game sometimes!!

Hope you find some useful bits here!