As I’ve written about already, a great music video can make a massive difference to getting booked for gigs. 

Here are 8 videos from musicians I’ve been in contact with in the last few weeks via Jazzfuel.  The list features Gisela Horat, Nancy Ruth, George Burton, We Are Leif, Luca Manning, Flying Machines, Dominic J. Marshall (a new signing to my agency roster by colleague Maggie Samkova) & SuperUmbra.

As an agent, I particularly like music videos that show a promoter exactly how the artist performs. That way, they can already imagine them on their stage and feel more comfortable about booking something they’ve never seen before. All these videos do that, in one way or another.

Gisela Horat

Nancy Ruth

George Burton

We Are Leif

Luca Manning

Flying Machines

Dominic J Marshall


If you’re got suggestions to send over for the August playlist, hit me up on the Jazzfuel Facebook page.