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It’s the of March 2023 and San Antonio-based writer and radio host Anthony Dean-Harris takes over for another monthly round up of new jazz tracks he’s been digging – and playing…

I very suddenly got a new full time, salaried job this month managing a bar and sulphur spring bathhouse.

I got this job all in the midst of my throwing my SXSW jazz day party, planning an art gallery’s group show and it’s annual campout gala event, inheriting my father’s car after finally learning to drive at age 36 (which is quite anomalous for a Texan, let alone an American), and all the other things in my life.

I’ve been kind of stressed, not getting a lot of work/life balance lately, and really tired. I’ve been concerned about things slipping through the cracks, but I still thought about making radio every week. I still thought about how important it is to keep spreading art around and hoping people find it.

Andrew Moorhead, “A Key In A Pool”

From: Interleaved

This song struck me pretty hard when I arrived at the radio station one day. Interleaved immediately leaves the impression of being a hearty piano trio album, and I tend to pay a little closer attention when Ari Hoenig is drumming on a project.

Interleaved by Andrew Moorhead Trio

Linda May Han Oh, “Circles”

From: The Glass Hours

I always leap at every new Linda May Han Oh release so I’m particularly excited about her new album dropping this June, her latest since 2019’s spectacular Aventurine. It’s going to be hard just playing this one single for a while and not wearing it out.

The Glass Hours by Linda May Han Oh

Astrocolor, “Star Swing” 

From: Moonlighting

I almost looked askance at this group when it hit my inbox but I’ve been extraordinarily worn down by so many things in life and this group featuring the same producer from Khruangbin gave me just the right chill vibes I needed at just the right time to toss some tracks into the KRTU library and give their new album some play for a while.

Ingrid Laubrock, “The Last Quiet Place

From: The Last Quiet Place

Saxophonist Laubrock brings along a group of awesome weirdos in violinist Mazz Swift, cellist Tomeka Reid, guitarist Brandon Seabrook, bassist Michael Formanek, and drummer Tom Rainey. It’s the kind of angular song that gets to me and I keep in rotation for a while in the back end of the shows.

The Last Quiet Place by Ingrid Laubrock (Pyroclastic Records)

Dan Rosenboom, “Tidal Mirror”

From: Polarity

Trumpeter Rosenboom’s hard hitter has John Escreet on keys, Billy Mohler on bass, and Damion Reid on drums in addition to saxophonist Gavin Templeton. I’m definitely drawn in here.

Polarity by Dan Rosenboom

JaRon Marshall, “Constellations”

From: Earth Sounds

JaRon Marshall closed out Jazz for the Masses IX in Austin this year and I’m glad to have had him. This song was embargoed until essentially right before SXSW so it gets featured here in this column facing April now. That’s strategic staying power. It’s also a damn good song.

LWalter Smith III, “Lamplight”

From: Return to Casual

Walter Smith III has a new album out that just hit our shelves and I know I’ll be keeping it in rotation for a while. There’s something about how he plays that seems to always fit the moment. He keeps growing as a presence that I like keeping on the air.

Kendrick Scott, “What Day Is It? 

From: Corridors

I always love whenever Kendrick Scott drops a new album, but stripping things down to the trio form threw me for a loop. He continues to do a lot with a little and working with bassist Reuben Rogers and the aforementioned Walter Smith III is just the right balance for Scott to continually shine on the kit as exemplified in this playful tune.

Braxton Cook, “Black Mona Lisa”

From: Who Are You When No One Is Watching?

I tossed a couple more songs off Who Are You When No One Is Watching? into the KRTU library just keep this in rotation longer.

Who Are You When No One is Watching? by Braxton Cook

Rudy Royston & Flatbed Buggy, “Morning”

From: Day

This selection came in just under the wire for the month, so I’m just beginning to get into hearing it. Still, I wanted to make sure I included Rudy Royston because it’s just a prudent decision.

DAY by Rudy Royston

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