What I Dug While Making The Line-Up and Evolve in April 2023 | Anthony Dean-Harris

For ten days around the end of April, San Antonio celebrates Fiesta, which is kind of like our Mardi Gras revolving around the Battle of Flowers, which is how we commemorate the Battle of the Alamo.  It’s a week and a half of parades, carnivals, shows, and drinking at length. It’s also a time for traffic, which I try to avoid this time of year, especially in regard to making my radio programs in a timely fashion.

Alex LoRe & Weirdear, Face Unseen

From: Evening Will Find Itself

This is one of those albums that came across my plate that made logical sense to sit in rotation for a while.

Astrocolor, Spacewalk

From: Moonlighting

I’m still keeping the spacey (and yet also airy) Astrocolor album on my mind and digging it more and more.

Diego Rivera, “Anticipation” 

From: Love & Peace

I’ve enjoyed stumbling upon Rivera’s new album over the last few weeks.

Love And Peace by Diego Rivera

David Ake, “Good Afternoon

From: Green Thumb

This is one of those selections that made its way onto the shelves, into my hours, and just made sense sticking around. These sort of songs are perfect that way.

Green Thumb by David Ake

Nana Rashid, “Pearls

From: Music for Betty

Matt here at Jazzfuel sent me this album last month and it fit the station sound well. I’m not sure how well it’s playing throughout the United States, but Nana Rashid is on San Antonio’s airwaves.

Music for Betty by Nana Rashid

GoGo Penguin, “Glimmerings

From: Everything Is Going to Be OK

I’ve never really been one for GoGo Penguin before, finding their precision a little too off-putting. I’m not sure what clicked in this new album for me as it crept its way onto my show these last few weeks. I’m feeling this music more than I’ve ever felt them.

Brandon López, “LikeTheEdgeOfAMachete

From: vilevilevilevilevilevilevilevile

I’ve always dug Brandon López ever since claire rousay brought him through San Antonio years ago. He’s got this whole “cooler than you” vibe on the bass that does something primal for me. Case in point– this track.

vilevilevilevilevilevilevilevile by Brandon Lopez

Aruan Ortiz Trio, “Black Like a Thunder Stone 

From: Serrianias

This is another one of those releases that struck me one day and lingered with me ever since. This is quite the gripping piano trio album.

David Lord, Trees Yield Tomte

From: Forest Standards, Vol. 3

I listened to this album a lot this time last year as I was with liner notes for the album. I almost forgot to put it in rotation once it became time for it to release. It was an honor to have this music rattle around in my head and to have my thoughts on these songs be considered the words to contextualize them.

Forest Standards Vol. 3 by David Lord

Dave King Trucking Company, Quail in Lavender

From: old TV

I’m a sucker for all things Dave King, so I made sure to play this on the radio as soon as possible.

old TV by Dave King Trucking Company

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