Author: Matt Fripp

Creating a Buzz
– 18 ‘News’ Ideas For Jazz Musicians

Creating and spreading ‘news’ can help you to get more gigs, build your reputation, connect with new jazz fans and to excite people to be involved in your career. Done consistently, it gives people a feeling of momentum and keeps you in their minds.   A promoter needs to feel that things are happening and that there will be a buzz around your gig.   The casual fan who hit ‘like’ on your Facebook page needs a gentle nudge to come back and listen to more music or see where you are playing next.   A potential agent needs...

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Social Media For Jazz Musicians
Q & A with Philip Freeman

Former jazz journalist and magazine editor Philip Freeman now uses his extensive experience in digital marketing – including time at Atlantic Records – to advise musicians on areas including social media and branding.   He’s worked with some modern jazz giants (including one of my personal favourites Mark Turner) and agreed to do this Q & A on social media for jazz musicians.   So, read on for some great insight and practical tips, as well as…   The #1 jazz musician on social media How to reach journalists on Facebook Using Youtube to build your profile How important is it for a...

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Why great promo photos will get you more gigs

Great promo photos grab attention and get more people to check out your music. From jazz promoters & agents to journalists & the ticket-buying public, a great photo can be the difference between having (or not having) a gig, magazine feature or new fan. In today’s world of information-overload, it’s worth considering the old saying that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ – it’s truer than ever. PITCHING FOR GIGS   When you (or your agent) are pitching to promoters for a gig, they need to be motivated to explore your project in a bit more detail. A great photo is one way of grabbing their attention...

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How To Set Up Your Facebook Artist Page

As the 2nd most visited website in the world (after Google), Facebook is used daily by pretty much everyone – and that includes jazz promoters, agents, journalists and record labels. So, make sure when they search your name on the site, they find a dedicated Facebook Artist Page, not just your personal ‘friend’ page.   A Facebook Artist Page is FREE.   And, set up correctly, it is a great place to showcase your music to a captive and targeted audience.   With the many free widgets and plugins available today, you can easily pull in your music, videos, tweets, upcoming shows and mailing lists...

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4 Ways To Get A Jazz Booking Agent

If you are like most professional jazz musicians who don’t yet have a booking agent, getting one to hook you up with international gigs and festivals is pretty high on the to-do list. As a jazz booking agent, I came to realise that there are various things that you can do – away from your instrument – to make sure your project sticks out and gets the attention it deserves. A good jazz booking agent can open the door to festivals and gigs that you might not reach on your own, at better fees than you might otherwise get. They can put...

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