Author: Matt Fripp

How To Set Up Your Facebook Artist Page

As the 2nd most visited website in the world (after Google), Facebook is used daily by pretty much everyone – and that includes jazz promoters, agents, journalists and record labels. So, make sure when they search your name on the site, they find a dedicated Facebook Artist Page, not just your personal ‘friend’ page.   A Facebook Artist Page is FREE.   And, set up correctly, it is a great place to showcase your music to a captive and targeted audience.   With the many free widgets and plugins available today, you can easily pull in your music, videos, tweets, upcoming shows and mailing lists...

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4 Ways To Get A Jazz Booking Agent

If you are like most professional jazz musicians who don’t yet have a booking agent, getting one to hook you up with international gigs and festivals is pretty high on the to-do list. As a jazz booking agent, I came to realise that there are various things that you can do – away from your instrument – to make sure your project sticks out and gets the attention it deserves. A good jazz booking agent can open the door to festivals and gigs that you might not reach on your own, at better fees than you might otherwise get. They can put...

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