Author: Matt Fripp

Czech It Out!
Interview with Jakub Zitko of Jazz Dock in Prague

Jakub Zitko – today’s guest – was already an established musician before he became programme manager of Jazz Dock. Dissatisfied with the tourist-oriented set ups of many venues in town – primarily restaurants with jazz on the side – he helped start a club where people would come to listen to music in the first place.  And so, Jazz Dock opened 8 years ago and he’s been the programme manager ever since. This Q&A is a bit different than normal because it’s not me asking the questions! A lot of my day-to-day work is spent booking shows for a roster of international jazz artists and, for...

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Inside a Jazz Booking Agency
(How & Why Each Artist Is On My Roster)

My main day-to-day job is working as a manager and/or agent for a roster of jazz musicians who are touring internationally. As all agents, I get a lot of emails from bands looking for representation. SO many of these are really interesting projects from excellent musicians, but I have to turn down a lot just because there are not enough hours in the day… and, with bands that are ‘new’ (internationally, at least), it can take a lot of time to get things moving. And, even then, there are no guarantees of any real success. So for all those great musicians...

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Hacking Songkick (for busy jazz musicians)
video guide

If you are a gigging jazz musician, you need a simple but clear way to publish these gigs onto your website, social media and beyond. Songkick’s (free!) tourbox service is a great place to put your gigs, because not only do they give you the tools to post them onto your sites, they are push them to Spotify so fans are notified when you are playing nearby. The only problem which comes up for jazz musicians – who traditionally play in multiple projects – is that you cannot easily show different projects in the same account. I needed a...

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Getting the internet generation excited about jazz
(Interview with the Good Music Company)

Rotterdam-based agents Mike Bindraban & Jurjen Mooiweer only set up Good Music Company a few years ago but have already been responsible for bringing a whole host of jazz and jazz-related talent – not least Grammy-winners Snarky Puppy – to massive audiences across Europe. Although Good Music Company is primarily a booking agency, they get involved with most of the areas that are important for a 21st century touring jazz musician including strategy, marketing, programming & artist management. Get The Free Jazzfuel Newsletter I asked Mike & Jurjen a bunch of questions aimed at giving more of an insight into how careers are built,...

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jazzahead! 2017: The Musicians Guide

UPDATE: MAY 2017 The jazzahead! registration was won by Danish musician Jon Døssing Bendixen and the conference is now over for another year!  The information below should still be useful if you have an upcoming showcase or conference anywhere in the world and, as a follow up, I got feedback from 42 international jazz musicians for the unofficial jazzahead! review.   How often do you have the chance to sit face-to-face with a whole bunch of jazz promoters, agents, record labels & journalists and talk about your project? Or better still, perform for them..? The final week of April marks...

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