Author: Matt Fripp

Q&A with Michael Fagien of Jazziz Magazine

Michael Fagien founded leading US jazz magazine Jazziz in 1983 and has been involved with the jazz industry ever since, both through publishing and other music-related ventures including record labels and venues. I was introduced to Michael when I worked in the agency department of Jamie Cullum’s management company. Jazziz Magazine had been strong supporters of Jamie early on and I wanted to introduce Michael to the singer-pianist Anthony Strong who I manage. I’ve e-met various people on the Jazziz team since then and it’s a great mix of good jazz & good business – something I think every...

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Q&A with Eva Frost of JazzDanmark

Eva Frost is a project manager at JazzDanmark, the national organisation in Denmark responsible for supporting jazz musicians both within their country and with exporting Danish music around the world. A lot of countries have these organisations, but in my experience these Danes are some of the most proactive I’ve ever met in the jazz world! I was invited to be a judge for the 2017 ‘Sounds of Denmark‘ festival which takes place in London this September and I got to run a workshop with the final musicians. So I know first hand the excellent range of musicians coming...

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Should You Really Be Releasing An Album?

If you’re a jazz musician looking to build your profile and get more gigs, there’s actually a pretty good argument that releasing EPs or singles, frequently, could actually make more impact than albums. Bear with me, I know it’s a sensitive subject… …because I know that since the very beginning of your love affair with jazz, you’ve thought, talked & studied in terms of albums, right? Transcribing solos on Kind of Blue. Discussing the highlights of the ’64 concert. Learning the tunes from Mingus Ah Um, The Shape of Jazz To Come, Giant Steps and many more. Sifting through...

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Q&A with jazz journalist Bruce Lindsay

  I spend a lot of time on my laptop checking out jazz and, when it comes to reviews, the name Bruce Lindsay is one that comes up a lot! Based in Norwich, UK, Bruce wrote his first album review in 1974 and has gone on to write HUNDREDS more in the years since, for publications including All About Jazz & Jazz Journal. When it comes to getting gigs, of course the music is key. But a great quote or insightful paragraph by a trusted source can make a massive difference to how seriously promoters even check out the content....

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Jazzahead Review
42 Musicians Give Their Feedback

2017 was my 8th time at the jazzahead! conference in Germany and, a couple of months before, I wrote an article about how musicians could make the most of the event, along with a competition for a free registration. It’s always a bit of a whirlwind of meetings and, as a booking agent & manager first and foremost, I spent a lot of time with promoters. I managed to catch up with a few musicians from around the world but wanted to get a better insight into how useful the weekend was for them. Below you can find comments and feedback...

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