We asked a bunch of jazz promoters from around the world for some of their artist tips for the year ahead. No other conditions such as new artists vs established ones or fitting into any specific niche or style. Just music they feel will (or at least should) reach a bigger audience in 2019!

Here are some of their answers – hope you’ll find it an interesting listen! 

(and, if you’re a musician with a project you’re really pushing in 2019, who are the promoters out there that will recommend it to their colleagues, like these ones here..?)

Alfred Vogel
Bezau Beatz
Bezau, Austria


Georgina Javor
Jazz at Lincoln Center

ARTIST PICKS: Isaiah J. Thompson + Mwenso and the Shakes + Camille Thurman

Pelin Opcin
London Jazz Festival
London, UK

ARTIST PICK: Ahnansé (Steam Down)

Cory Weeds
Coastal Jazz
Vancouver, Canada

ARTIST PICKS: Maya Rae & Sam Dillon

Martyna Markowska
JazzArt Festival
Katowice, Poland

ARTIST PICKS: Hubert Zemler + Resina Marja Mortensson + Daniel Herskedal

Vilém Spilka
Brno, Czech Republic

ARTIST PICK: Jiří Slavík

Roel Vanhoeck  
Brussels, Belgium

ARTIST PICK: Antoine Pierre (NextApe)

Carine Zuber
Zurich, Switzerland

ARTIST PICK: Maria Grand + 5K HDCamille Bertault + Theo Ceccaldi + Sam Wilkes

Antonis Zouganelis
Technopolis Jazz Festival
Athens, Greece

ARTIST PICK: KutiMangoes

Jakub Zitko
Prague, Czech Republic

ARTIST PICK: Paris Monster

Lev Harris
Jazz Cafe
London, UK 


Edin Zubcevic
Jazzfest Sarajevo
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

ARTIST PICKS: Brian Marsella, Miles Okazaki & Wendy Eisenberg

Matti Nives
We Jazz
Helsinki, Finland

ARTIST PICKS: Frans Petter Eldh

Peter Guschelbauer
Jazz Festival Steyr
Steyr, Austria


Barak Weiss
Tel Aviv Jazz Festival
Tel Aviv, Izrael

ARTIST PICKS: Tal Gamlieli Trio + Quarter to Africa

Barney Dufton
Love Supreme
Glynde, UK

ARTIST PICKS: Mansur Brown

Sanjeev Bhargava
Seher Festival
New Delhi, India 

ARTIST PICKS: Sanjeeta Bhattacharya + Vasundhara Vee

Kirill Mlinarich
Koktebel Jazz Festival
Kyiv, Ukraine

ARTIST PICKS: Pokaz Trio + Yegor Zabelov Solo & Trio

Paul Pace
Ronnie Scott’s
London, UK

ARTIST PICKS: Tori Handsley + Luca Manning

Pieter Schoonderwoerd
Jazz Maastricht
Maastricht, Netherlands

ARTIST PICKS: Niels Broos & Jamie Peet + Steiger

Kenneth Killeen
Improvised Music Company
Dublin, Ireland

ARTIST PICKS: Alarmist + UmbraSue Rynhart

Rainer Kern
Enjoy Jazz
Heidelberg, Germany 

ARTIST PICK: Faraj Suleiman Trio

Dimitris Christides
ZigZag Jazz Club
Berlin, Germany 

ARTIST PICK: Pedro Martins