Jazzfuel Album Release Support

1-month campaign to help you win online with your next album

Album Release Support

Releasing new music is usually the result of months of preparation and recording but too often doesn't result in the extra attention and opportunities that it should do.

The goal with a new release?
New fans & more industry attention

How we can help

This Jazzfuel campaign will combine our experience in jazz management & digital media into a short 1-to-1 project where we'll help you plan and deliver a great online launch for your music.

This package includes:

  • 2 x Skype sessions to make plans for the release
  • We'll run paid Facebook ads to drive extra traffic to the music.
  • A social media makeover - including creating the branding and cover images - so your release is visible.
  • One-month of curated Facebook & Twitter posts (once you're happy with the content, we'll deal with posting and scheduling)
  • Sending music to online reviewers
  • Artist Page on the Jazzfuel site
  • Feature on Jazzfuel social media
  • Engaging with industry influencers on social media.

Apply for more details

We currently take on 2 projects per month for this. If you wish to be one of these, fill in the info below and we'll get back to you asap.

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