To mark the end of 2017, here’s a quick look back at each of the jazz industry Q&A’s from this year, with a key takeaway from each, that we can use to make 2018 the best year yet for getting gigs and building careers.

(note: if you can’t listen/watch the videos right now, I’ve included a key quote – and a link to the full article – next to each video)

Interview with Kurt Rosenwinkel

“In the beginning, I booked my own gigs; I got the phone numbers of all the clubs in Spain and called them all up asking for a gig even though they didn’t know me, and ended up with some kind of “tour” for me, Ben Street and Jeff Ballard. It kind of worked too!”

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Talking to Czech jazz promoters

“Word of mouth is very strong though; I take recommendations from other promoters or musicians very seriously” (Jakub Zitko) “I discover new artists primarily by: Word of mouth” (Vilem Spilka)

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Mike & Jurjen, Good Music

“Obviously artistically it has to have a level of emotion, technical ability, potential and presence. But we also have to look at the market-ability:  Is there a story to tell? What content can we create from this? Is there a potential of return on investment for the artist and for us? how much time will that take?”

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Q&A with jazz journalist Bruce Lindsay

“A good publicist might seem pricey, but they could help to make a new artist”

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Founding Editor of Jazziz Magazine 

“A new release is not by itself a story” – Michael Fagien

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Eva Frost, Jazz Danmark

“Always create some strong partnerships and then keep them updated with interesting news. Your private, personal network is probably your best asset throughout your career”

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Helping jazz musicians win online

“Concentrate on video content and utilise its social channels (mainly YouTube and Vimeo).. It’s also the first thing that will ring with promoters and agents who look you up.”

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The unassuming king of independent jazz…

“It’s up to each musician to find out how to construct a platform for their music. It’s never been any different” (Dave Douglas)

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Tips from 40+ international jazz promoters

“Find your target and do you homework. Instead of mass pitching to all the bookers in the world, find out who would be the most potential ones for your project and try to reach them. Be interested in what they do, and don’t just “sell” blindly” (Matti Nives / We Jazz, Finland)

Check out the full survey here


That’s the lot!

I hope a few of those hit home and gave you some extra insight and motivation for how you’re going to be growing your project in 2018 and beyond. If you’re a member of the Jazzfuel mailing list – THANKS for keeping in touch and reading these articles. If you’re not a subscriber, feel free to join us (for free) by clicking here. You’ll be joining more than 2,000 international jazz musicians getting a lot of extra content and resources direct to your inbox in the coming months.

Happy new year!

Matt x